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By Richard Nassif

How does our office look?

Do we have traffic come through?

Does first impressions matter?

Been in the office for a while?

A probability is that we may be overlooking certain glaring things

We always recommend taking a step back and looking at your office space through a customer's perspective. This allows you to be critical of the image portrayed and then being able to identify and rectify things you may have not been aware of.

Walk around your office and identify which areas and aspects of your office could be improved in terms of presentation and cleanliness. You should also pay special attention to high traffic areas such as hallways and entrances. Once you have analysed your office you can get a better idea of what may be required décor or cleaning needs.

Step 2: Talk to Your team

The next step is to talk to your employees and get their perspective, after all a clean office is a happy and productive office, as the saying goes Cleanliness’ is next to Godliness

 Perhaps a certain cleaning product may bother a certain employee? Perhaps your employees have their own advice on how your office can improve? Educating your employees is also important and getting them apart of the culture. For example, activities such as not washing hands, eating at your desk and being cluttered at your desk all increase the chance of catching and spreading germs, especially when most offices have shared ducted air-conditioning units. You can even motivate your employees to stay clean and organized by holding a clean desk contest!

 You may have the office currently cleaned, even doing it yourself or thinking should we consult a Cleaning Company regardless of approach be mindful to sincerely value the importance of health and a clean environment.

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