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By Richard Nassif

Office productivity is important, how can we improve it?

How can we do this?

Creating an ideal environment is essential for a healthy mindset and Productivity.

Where do I begin, help Please!

What should I look for?

What are the non negotiables?

What are the obvious ones, healthy communication, clear boundaries and staff development. Keeping things in right perspective and not leave things go unattended for very long.

Another noticable thing that can go unnoticed is the work dwelling place, is it been neglected? Are staff and clients noticing and unclean professional environment? 

We all have our special gifts some skills not even used. As the saying goes, do what you do best and delegate the rest.

Time is money and perception is that we may be saving money by doing it ourselves or by paying someone to fulfil that task or duty. Though this may be a good start in the right direction be mindful that cheap is not always the way especially in the Cleaning Industry, one of many common concerns is that you end up having to follow up and have to clean their mess or do something that was not attended.

The biggest frustration is certainly having expectation not fulfilled and meet and that does not need to happen.

This is why we do not need to invest in something we are not passionate or good at. This is why we should have this responsibility managed by a reliable and professional team.

So the question we need to ask ourselves is are we really saving or are we actually being less productive and wasting time which equals money. 

Is your daily work activities starting to get disrupted by constant complaints from tenants regarding the poor level of cleaning? If you’re encountering upset tenants due to recurring cleaning problems, it may be time to start looking for another commercial cleaning company. 

Stability comes by having consistent operations completed, same staff and Managers overseeing Duties.

All the best in your pursuit of a Better and Productive work environment!


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