These terms and conditions constitute the full and complete service agreement (the "Agreement") between you (the "Customer") and Copec Enterprises Pty Ltd ("Copec") ABN 927 3043 3544 of 513/ 29 Smith Street, Parramatta 2150 NSW Australia for the provision of commercial cleaning services (the "Services") by Copec.

Please take time to read the Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure to have full understanding prior to booking or making an appointment. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Copec has the right to modify any of these terms and conditions at any time. Please check the website(s) for updates. Should you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, you may contact us by phone and or send email to


  1. By ordering our Services by phone, email or our website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Our acceptance of your booking or appointment brings into existence a legally binding contract between us.
  2. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Copec agrees to provide the Services to the Customer at the property address specified by the Customer at the time of the booking of services.
  3. Quotation over the phone or email will be based on the basic description or floor size of the property. Please note that duration may vary therefore a degree of flexibility is required. We reserve the right to amend the initial quotation, should your original requirements change. The quotation is based on a thorough assessment of the service to be done. While every effort is made to estimate the work as accurately as possible, it is sometimes necessary to include an additional sum in the final account for labour and materials, which could not be foreseen at the estimation stage. These items will always be discussed with you at the earliest opportunity.
  4. Copec will advise on the number of staff who will carry out the services requested by the Customer, depending on the size of the property or the Customer's request at the time of booking, at a time and date mutually agreed between Copec and the Customer.
  5. If the Customer requests any additional services or modifications to the services at the time of the services are being performed, the Customer must contact Copec by phone, for Copec's agreement to the additional services or modifications requested by the Customer. Under no circumstances are staff authorised to agree to any requested amendments to the services being provided. The Customer may not make any requests for modifications to services directly to staff.
  6. Copec guarantees to fully carry out the services requested by the Customer and agreed by Copec. Rest assured that our staff are professional, trained, and diligent in performing their duties in a timely manner.
  7. The Customer should be aware that Copec will not be responsible for failing to remove any existing marks, damage, burns or stains which cannot be removed using standard spot cleaning methods


  1. All prices and quotations are expressed that as GST exclusive amounts.
  2. Payment methods accepted are Cash (to be provided on the day of cleaning service), or through bank deposit or wire transfer.
  3. Copec does not require any down payment as we value servicing our customers. However, if the Customer wishes to pay via bank transfer / direct debit / wire transfer, the customer agrees to complete the full payment within 14 business days from the date and time the service was rendered. The Customer understands that a copy of the transaction receipt must be provided as proof of payment to Copec. A friendly reminder will be sent once the 14 day lead time for payment has elapsed.
  4. Failure to make full payment and transaction receipt is not sent to Copec at least 30 business days from the service date, the customer will be required to pay an additional 10% of the amount outstanding to be collected.


  1. It is always essential that you or anyone in charge are present at any of the once off cleaning services to ensure that you are satisfied and to specify the areas you want specifically cleaned if not mentioned at the time of booking.
  2. The Customer is obliged to provide access to the property where the Services will be performed. The Customer will be responsible for providing Copec's staff unrestricted access to the property during cleaning times, giving any special instructions if required on unavoidable restrictions.
  3. You agree to pay the full price of any of the Services you booked in the event of a lock-out caused by our staff being turned away; no one is available in the property to let them in; or a problem with your keys. If keys are provided they must open the lock without any special efforts or skills.
  4. The Customer must to advise Copec at the time of booking if staff need to collect keys from a third party's address outside the postal code of the premises where work is to be carried out.


  1. Copec has a full comprehensive insurance coverage, details below.
    1. Workers Compensation: QBE insurance
    2. NSW workers compensation policy number WC358799157
    3. Public liability: GIO Business insurance - $10 Million, policy number SB9KR03360


  1. You may cancel any of the services you booked by giving us at least 24 hours advance notice. A cancellation fee of $160 will be charged to the Customer if cancellation is made within 24 hours of scheduled service.
  2. Copec with liaison with customer at no charge can reschedule / rebook to another date and time with 24 hours lead time.


  1. The terminating party must give written notice to the other party specifying the nature of the dispute. If the alleged dispute has not been resolved to the reasonable satisfaction of the other party within fourteen (14) days of the first written notice, a further written notice should be issued. If this second notice fails to bring about a resolution within the second period of fourteen (14) days, the agreement can then be terminated.


  1. Copec does not accept liability for any loss (without limitation, any loss of contracts or business opportunity, loss of revenue, loss of profits or loss of anticipated savings in expenditure or due and termination of the services).
  2. Copec may keep any retainer, and decide not to allocate a cleaning team, if it believes that the Customer is acting unlawfully, or is an unsuitable or unreasonable customer, Copec's decision being final in this matter.
  3. If Copec believes that the Customer has used, or is attempting, or intending to use our staff without paying the company, we have the full discretion not to send any of our staff without any compensation being due to the customer.
  4. The Customer agrees that after the termination of the cleaning service he/she will not hire or use any services provided by a present or past staff members who has previously worked for Copec.
  5. Copec reserves the right to assess the health and safety conditions of the property and refuse to send staff to carry out services if it is dangerous to the well-being of our staff.
  6. Promotional offers or special deals cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.


  1. In case of a complaint, or Customer not being satisfied with the service provided we ask you to notify us within 24 hours of completion of the cleaning work. Once Copec has received exact details of the complaint, and accepts responsibility then we are happy to proceed with revisiting site to review and clean. We will not consider any complaints that are notified after a period of 24 hours. If you are dissatisfied with the work (for limitations, see section 6), a staff must be allowed to return and re-do the job at no extra charge


  1. Privacy and Security
    1. Copec endeavours to provide you with excellent customer service. We recognise that your privacy is important to you and we are committed to protecting your personal information. This Privacy Policy describes our collection, use, disclosure, retention and protection of your personal information. By using our Services and/or registering for an account with us, you are accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions, and consenting to our collection, use, disclosure and retention of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.
  2. Handling of Your Personal Information
    1. We will only use your personal information for the purpose for which you have provided it, unless you consent otherwise. Generally, these purposes include:
      • 1. Responding to your enquiries
      • 2. Arranging a booking for the service you require
      • 3. Providing the service you require
      • 4. Keeping you informed of new products and services via email or monthly newsletter, opting-out from marketing is an open option if you wish to do so.
      • 5. We may send you a customer feedback request in order for us to improve and provide you services better
  3. Use and Retention
    1. We retain your personal information as long as it is necessary and relevant for our operations. In addition, we retain personal information from closed accounts to comply with the law, prevent fraud, collect any fees owed, resolve disputes, assist with any investigation, enforce our User Agreement and take other actions permitted by Australian law.
  4. Contact Us
    1. If you have any questions or need further information about our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, please feel free to contact us.

      Mail to:
      Copec Enterprises Pty Ltd
      Suite 513/ 29 Smith Street
      Parramatta NSW 2150

      Contact information: Call line: 1300 365 383

  5. Changes to this Privacy Policy Notice
    1. We may amend this Privacy Notice at any time by posting the amended terms on our website. Please check our website for updates.


  1. It is the intention of Copec that these terms and conditions are made available to the client by copy or have available on the website. It is the Customer's responsibility to obtain and to have read and fully understood the terms and conditions of Copec.
  2. If any provision of this Agreement shall be found to be void, invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force.
  3. No delay or failure on the part of the Copec to exercise or enforce any rights or remedies pursuant to the terms of this Agreement shall constitute a waiver of such rights or operate to prejudice the exercise need of any such rights at any time thereafter.
  4. Should you have any questions or clarifications regarding these terms and conditions, you may contact us first or send email to