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About Copec Commercial Cleaning Services

At Copec Commercial Cleaning Services we endeavour to offer a high quality service to all our customers at all times. We have a number of mechanisms and monitors in place to ensure that cleaning quality control standards are maintained over the life of a contract.

We are constantly developing new methods, equipment and materials, to improve our cleaning services and enhance the working conditions of our employees while minimising any negative effects on the environment.

Our Mission

To be the top professional cleaning company that provides excellent, prompt and efficient commercial cleaning services throughout East, South and Greater Western Sydney areas.

COPEC aims to deliver a level of excellence that exceeds our client's expectation. This enables us to build a lasting impression and a mutually beneficial relationship with satisfied clients.

What Makes Copec Different

  • Great Response time
  • ECO-friendly materials
  • Colour coding (please refer to WHS in the Privacy Policy Form regarding use of Colour coding)
  • Tailored packages
  • Inspection available
  • Trial period (conditions apply)
  • Comprehensive insurances
  • Uniformed staff
  • Cleaning quality assurance (terms and conditions apply)
  • Free non obligation quote
  • 24/7 Call line 1300 365 383

Whats Copec All About Video




An idea in 2002 came true, Carlos established Copec Professional Commercial Cleaning.

Carlos previously worked in large cleaning companies as a contractor which helped him gain extensive and relevant experiences in using machines, supervising various types of work and customer service support. He was certain that his knowledge and previous job experiences should be put to good use. He then decided to establish his own Professional Commercial Cleaning business using all the experiences he gained from his previous jobs.

For more than 12 years, Copec has delivered excellent service, maintaining and building relationships with its existing and new clients.

RICHARD NASSIF - Business Development


An excellent front person for any business, Richard has 27 years' experience working as an Owner, Senior Manager, Business Development and Relationship Manager for large organisations including Turi Foods, Woolworths, Foamwax, Franklins, HopeLive and MBE.

An experienced public speaker, Richard can capture people's attention and positively influence his audiences. Working in sales has taught Richard to capitalise on opportunities. He is accomplished in the implementation of procedures and systems, especially with growing businesses. He has won several recognised awards, Growth of Sales, Business Excellence, and Most Valuable Team Player for his business network.

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